About Us

Welcome to Lynor, where we create delicate and meaningful jewelry pieces that reflect your essence. At Lynor, we believe in the power of jewelry to bring joy, hope, and individuality to your everyday life. Our collection embodies modernity, playfulness, and easy-wearability, celebrating the beauty of everyday moments.

Established in 2019 in the heart of Dubai, Lynor draws inspiration from the vibrant cities, landscapes, and rich histories of the Middle East and the West. We combine ancient aesthetics with modern designs to create extraordinary and timeless pieces that resonate with your personal style.

Our commitment to ethical practices is reflected in our sourcing of materials. Each piece is crafted with high-quality materials, including 18k gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and pearls, ensuring durability and sustainability.

We take pride in our products and the skilled artisans who bring them to life. Every piece undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to deliver unique designs that speak to your soul. All our products are made in the UAE, in factories run by trusted individuals who share our values.

At Lynor, we understand your busy lifestyle. That's why we make it convenient for you to discover and acquire your favorite pieces. Our online platform allows you to explore our soulful and timeless designs with ease, bringing your cherished memories to life.

Thank you for choosing Lynor. We invite you to embrace the elegance, meaning, and lasting beauty that our jewelry offers. With Lynor, you can truly express your individuality and celebrate the moments that matter most.